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This is X3

This is

= Xpertise x Xperiment x XtremeTech

HIP (Hot Isostatic Press)


This is X3

 = eXpertise x eXperiment x eXtremeTech

At X3 Innovations we see, move and create the future of alloys.

X3 Innovations is a technology-based company that develops, produces and markets worldwide a broad range of high performance SuperAlloys and HIP services and.

Thanks to our innovative SuperAlloys that we have been a world leading supplier among global wear and corrosion resistance markets.  Our SuperAlloys improve the production, costs, compliance, and environmental impact of activities performed in the global industrial market.

We offer a range of patented and unpatented technologies, products and services for all phases of wear and corrosion demand throughout the world.

We will work closely and confidentially with clients to provide the best combination of performance and economy for each application.  Also we welcome the opportunity to develop customized products for our customers' unique applications.

Today, we're a forward leaning, interdisciplinary organization, matching world-class innovation with market insights and industry connections to move faster and deliver better outcomes for X3 businesses and customers.