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Circular Economy

For X³ Innovations

circular economy is much more than

waste management.


Circular Economy

Minimizing waste, maximizing resources

As part of operating responsibly, we have always sought to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations and to use energy and natural resources wisely to reduce waste.

Many of our planet’s natural resources are increasingly under pressure from over- or badly managed consumption. In addition, the global population is increasing and standards of living are trending upwards. More than ever, it’s clear we need to change our behavior and transition to a level of sustainable consumption.

Right now, the goods we use every day are manufactured from raw materials, sold, used and then discarded as waste. We are engaged in the transition from a linear economy to one that redesigns, recycles, reuses and remanufactures to keep materials at their highest value use for as long as possible. As a result, we’ll preserve our resources in a “circular economy” making the most of our natural resources. Applying the principles of a circular economy will allow us to optimize the use and reuse of resources and ultimately reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

The circular economy is about rethinking how we use our raw materials and resources to create a sustainable economy free of waste and emissions. It means shifting from the current linear model of “take, make, waste” to an economy where we “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

The design of our products allows us to extract the maximum value from the materials we use and repurpose our products across their life cycles.  While putting continuous effort into innovation, we also want to ensure the increasingly sustainable use of materials across our processes and value chain.

Extending lifetime
As we move away from the linear ‘Take, Make, Dispose’ model, we believe the circular economy is vital to ensure the future success and competitiveness of the plastic equipment industry.

To help achieve such sustainability, we are introducing our ‘As-new’ modules, which are being integrated into our mainstream manufacturing lines and are suitable for multiple product life cycles.

Working together with customers and suppliers, we have introduced a new program to remanufacture used system parts so that they can be reused as if they were new parts. The first pilot scheme demonstrated a positive environmental impact and is now being expanded further.