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Shovels and excavators, Belt Systems, Rock Drills 

Handling the largest amount of material in the shortest possible time is a key driver for the mining industry. Equipment is often pushed to the limits, requiring optimum performance from every component.

Shovels and excavators

The mining industry represents the most rugged-use applications in the world. Mining shovels and excavators move enormous amounts of material under the most arduous conditions, while maintaining a high level of reliability. Moving more material in less time represents lower cost per ton and increased profits. Equipment reliability depends on component reliability and hence component processing and heat treatments.

X3 Innovations offers a multitude of heat treatments for various components including quench and tempering of axles; carburising and nitriding of shafts; and case hardening of gears and pinions. Typical treated parts include:

  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Pinions
  • Axle

Belt systems

After mined material is removed from the earth, it must be further moved to a processing site. This is usually accomplished by a conveyor system. As materials-handling costs can be as much as 40 to 50- % of all the costs of operating a mine, conveyors and their components are of great importance.

X3 Innovations provides heat treatment services for many belt system components. Rail segments are quench and tempered and may be carburised for local areas prone to wear. In addition, conveyor power, transmission and gearbox components are heat treated to increase service life by carburising, carbonitriding, ferritic nitrocarburising and nitriding. Typical treated parts include:

  • Rail segments
  • Power transmission components
  • Gearbox

Rock drills

Rock drills are a key component of construction sites, widely used to excavate concrete or asphalt. Through thermal processing, key drill components are strengthened to be able to withstand the force and frequency of strikes required in the drilling process.

Our services include a variety of heat treatment processes ranging from quenching and tempering of breaker pits to carburising of breaker pistons.

  • Breaker pits
  • Breaker pistons
  • Top hammer pilots and hammer ring bits
  • Wear parts