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HIP Brazing

HIP Brazing

Joining of two incompatible materials by the HIP process with the use of a brazing interlayer.


  • Enables bonding of materials with no solid state solubility
  • Allows the design engineer to combine very different material properties in close proximity
  • Produces bond lines free from porosity with good mechanical properties
  • Creates joints superior to conventional brazing.

Application & materials:

Examples of components manufactured by HIP-assisted brazing techniques include:

  • Extruder screws for granulation of plastic and pharmaceutical materials
  • Heavy truck and automotive parts, e.g. valve lifters and brake pads
  • Components, such as heat shields and turbine disks, where HIP brazing produces parts with increased performance at higher operating temperatures.

Materials utilized include metals and cermets.

Process details:

HIP-assisted brazing utilizes the technology of encapsulation and HIP to achieve superior braze properties when needed.